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Industrial performance :

And if it all started

with your environment?

Acoustic Enclosure

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Operator Booth

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Soundproof Cabin

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Test Room and
Controlled Environment

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Modular Building

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controlled environments

Cab-Expert has the solution for your
controlled-environment needs in factories

Exemple cabine standard

Cab-Expert designs and manufactures high performance cabins, as well as acoustic doors and windows, adaptable to the needs of a multitude of industries.

Cab-Expert is a division of Desmarais & Gagné Inc., a firm specializing in metal fabrication for 35 years (ISO 9001:2008 Certification and CSA Standard W59, Division 2.1, issued by the Canadian Welding Bureau).

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Standard Cabins

Designed and manufactured in North America, CabExpert cabins are in use in a growing number of industrial sectors to improve at the same time the comfort, the safety and the productivity of workers. Invest in your growth!

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Cabin Accessories

In addition to the cabin, several accessories are often selected to increase the productivity level. For instance, the air quality, temperature and humidity controls can be monitored with CabExperts accessory systems. These systems will provide added safety and comfort to the workers and cabin operators.

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Cabins that adapt
to all your needs

Steel mills

When noise, heat and dust are factors that might affect productivity, Cab-Expert has the solution. For example, our buildings are covered with a durable electrostatic paint for easy maintenance.

Aluminum smelters

Cab-Expert's adaptable and scalable control rooms respect the highest quality standards and meet the standards of aluminum plants. Cab-Expert also manufactures acoustic doors and windows that can be adapted to existing buildings.


Cab-Expert designs monocoque, solid and detachable resting rooms, allowing for maximum comfort even when they are located in the heart of the action. They have windows with sealed joints to control temperature and keep dust out. You can also opt for comfortable and safe operator cabins equipped with bullet-proof windows and outdoor lighting.

Pulp and paper

In a humid and noisy environment where employees work closely with heavy equipment, Cab-Expert structures allow the operator to concentrate and intervene quickly when needed. They may also be employed as resting rooms or control rooms.

Processing plants

Whether it's to isolate a noisy piece of equipment (acoustic enclosure) or to protect employees from ambient noise, Cab-Expert has what you need. Our panels can also be used as a sound barrier in inhabited environments or electrical rooms.


Advantages that
don't go unnoticed

Air conditioning / heating systems

Our air conditioning systems and heating systems can handle any kind of weather conditions. Our modular panels can vary from R16 to R24. Cab-Expert also offers you the ability to humidify or dehumidify the air as needed.

Ventilation / Air filtration

Our buildings come with a standard 300 CFM ventilation system with MERV 8 air filtration. We can offer systems according to ASHRAE standards with air changes to the highest standards (white rooms standards).

Modular panels

Our modular panels are made out of ASTM A653 / A653M satin-coated (Galvanneal) steel with insulation to ASTM C665 and E136 standards. They are fireproof and heatproof. They offer sound transmission values up to STC 60. Our cam assembly systems and sealant make them the most efficient acoustic buildings on the market.

Doors and windows

Our acoustic doors and windows can be adapted to existing buildings and can also reduce noise nuisances (music studio or break room) by taking advantage of the absorption capacity of concrete block walls. Cab-Expert offers several types of windows in custom-made acoustic casings (ballistic, tempered or laminated glass) to make your workplace safe.


Cab-Expert offers durable buildings with integrated plumbing and electricity systems, cabinets, monocoque or mezzanine flooring, floor coverings, ergonomic seating, and even stackable floors, according to your needs. You can also choose the colour that best allows the cabin to blend into your environment from a wide range of electrostatic powder coatings, offering the toughest finishes in the industry.

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